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But, my life went into a state of flux ending with a bit of a shock. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer — see earlier blog — so the planned trip was sadly cancelled at very short notice. Along the way a huge amount of stuff went by the board as I shuttled back and forth to my local hospital accompanied by my dear wife. I have begun hormone therapy which will run for around two years. So, we went away on our travels. Firstly we had a gentle potter on the Swale visiting Conyer and Faversham — gradually soothing our souls… After leaving the eastern end of the Swale following the traditional regatta and barge match weekend, we sailed to Queenborough to be ready for our Thames foray.

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Originally Posted by Laurhilou Yeah I feel the same, I have booked myself a private early scan for 10 days time i wont lie, but thats also because i really didn’t want to wait until March! I know we can choose where we go but realistically I want the closest, as I’m in Rainham. Where’s your private scan?

Pregnancy dating was based on the measurement of the fetal crown–rump length at that scan. The BMI was calculated at the time of study entry (12 to 18 weeks of gestation).

Cola Weller, 22, said “I do” to Felix Glenny, 23, just before Christmas after doctors told the couple Felix’s cancer was incurable and he only had a few weeks to live. The British father-of-two died on Saturday night. Felix was admitted to hospital on November 11 after suffering severe stomach cramps. It took doctors weeks to diagnose the problem – they initially thought it was irritable bowels, a sickness bug or kidney infection.

Doctors removed the large tumour in Felix’s bowel, but further tests showed the cancer had already spread throughout his entire body and he had only weeks to live. Cola and Felix were surrounded by family and friends during the ceremony in his hospital room. Their two young children – Ralph, two, and Pearl, four months – joined the emotional celebrations at Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent. Felix with his two young children, Ralph left and Pearl right.

Supplied “We had talked about getting married even before he was ill – and when we found out the cancer was terminal we wanted to do it straight away,” Cola told The Daily Mail. Supplied The couple met through mutual friends in August

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As the largest single site maternity hospital in the UK, we pride ourselves on being the hospital of choice for thousands of expectant mothers. Experience and approach Our highly-skilled team of consultants, obstetricians and midwives are here to support and guide you, from the time you find out you are pregnant to the moment you hold your baby for the first time, and on into the first few hours, days and weeks of parenthood. Above all, our aim is to offer a sensitive and flexible service to meet the specific needs of every woman and her family.

We aim to deliver world class healthcare to our patients at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital in London. To do so, we combine world class expertise with leading healthcare that is local, patient-focused and friendly.

Rare sequelae of a testicular tumor: Int J Case Rep Images ;6 1: Testicular tumors typically present as a palpable lump. Some tumors have been known to spontaneously regress, thus have been referred to as ‘burnt-out’ tumors or vanishing tumors. A year-old male was seen in urology clinic with clinical findings of a small atrophic left testis, with a prior history of a painful left testicular lump not responsive to antibiotics, which had spontaneously resolved.

Ultrasound scan revealed an initial solid testicular lesion of 19x12x10 mm with internal vascularity, which upon repeat ultrasound scan two months later found a mm coarse calcification and a hypoechoic region, but regression of the initial solid lesion. The diagnosis of a burnt-out tumor was made and he underwent urgent radical orchidectomy and prosthesis insertion.

Computed tomoraphy CT staging scan showed significant paraortic lymphadenopathy, therefore the patient further underwent chemotherapy. Treatment has been successful and the patient is progressing well with no complications. The diagnosis of a burnt-out testicular tumor is an important differential to consider in patients with spontaneously regressing testicular lumps, abnormal findings on ultrasound scan and subsequent presentation of testicular atrophy of unknown cause.

Medway Maritime Hospital makes a packet on baby scan pictures

Two dating site 2 Comments Pictures, video and more. Hospitals in north and west Kent are experiencing high pressure and are asking patients to consider alternatives for care. Pictures, speed dating maidstone hospital address and more. Speed dating maidstone hospital address My name is Gary in Australia and I am looking for info about William Clarke for my wife, including the following. As she was not married here, the latter seems more likely.

She may have been in the actual hostel though.

Make a claim for housing benefit. You can complete an online form to make a claim for housing benefit. Please ensure you have read through the guidance below before making a claim.

It seemed that, great though clinical advances were, the NHS was overshaddowed by structural change, hospital scandals and an ever increasing desire to legislate and regulate deep-seated problems away. With ever increasing speed the pieces on the NHS chess board were moved around. Health advisors in No 10, economists and operational research staff now played a role in shaping policies, largely accepting Virginia Bottomley’s concept of a tax funded and largely free service but one in which provision was not necessarily in the public sector.

A raft of policies emerged; not always compatible, seldom evidence based; private sector involvement, quality, peer review, central direction, performance reporting, accountability, competition, trusts, patient choice, and payment by results. In each decade there are concepts affecting the organisational pattern of the NHS. In the seventies it was consensus management. In the eighties the general management function. Now, spurred by scandals in the financial sector and industry, good governance became a guiding principle.

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She has had painful problems with a wisdom tooth for, I guess a couple of years. It might take six weeks to arrange the scan. She had been away from home for a couple of days. In theory, this should have arrived on Wednesday 13th February.

Every day, on average, 24 babies are born in Liverpool Women’s Maternity Unit and another three babies are born prematurely and cared for in our Neonatal the largest single site maternity hospital in the UK, we pride ourselves on being the hospital of choice for thousands of .

The 30 shilling tailors I bought a pair of trousers the other day. Considering that I bought them in a supermarket, it was quite a thing to have been able to try them on in a changing room. It was rather a spartan changing room although it was fitted out with a mirror and a peg on the wall, but nowhere to sit down while taking off my shoes.

It was, nonetheless, quite different from the “old” days when I would go to buy a suit. I bought my first suit just before I started work in a bank. Men were expected to wear suits from Monday to Friday, but sports coats were permitted on Saturday when the bank closed at lunch time. And suits were the English style suits with the jacket and trousers and waistcoat if worn were made from the same material.

Back in those days no High Street in a large town would be without the men’s outfitters. Very few if any suits were sold off the peg. The major clothing chain stores – Marks and Spencer, British Home Stores and Littlewoods – didn’t sell suits, one had to go to the specialist shops. For the working classes and lower middle classes these would be Burton’s, Hepworth’s and John Collier’s.

The miracle baby saved by staff at the Medway Maritime Hospital

Hospital blamed over second death Lauren Simmons had been suffering from headaches for six months The parents of a second teenager to die from a brain haemorrhage after a Kent hospital said she had a virus have said it has not learnt from mistakes. Her parents contacted the BBC after seeing a report on the case of Jenna Lester who died nine months after Lauren and in similar circumstances.

The hospital said it had implemented changes following the death of Lauren. In a statement, it said her case was investigated by the Healthcare Commission in , and the Medway NHS Foundation Trust had accepted and implemented the recommendations required in its report.

from the oval office and calm fears as the threat from fears dominates headlines. >> sara: series of threats putting several local schools on heightened alert this morning. the person the fbi believes is responsible and whyrity may be impossible. a local cemetery and police track the suspect down and the bizarre discovery they made inside his home.

Me in happier times – I looked a little worse than this for a while but I’m not so bad now! The care given by both nurses and doctors was exemplary. If staff working on MMH wards have problems, it will be because the funding is insufficient. What kind of extra resources can we realistically expect Medway Council to contribute? Find out more about Medway at www.

I used to edit this site until Medway Council decided to sack me to placate the Tory-led Coalition government back in


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