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Equipment Tracking Payload The Payload module captures real-time payload information from payload systems on loaders, shovels, and trucks. This information can be transmitted in real time to loading equipment operators, and it is also stored against historical production records to allow detailed analysis and reporting. Fueling The Fueling module enables manual recording of the fuel and fluids that are added to trucks, shovels, and auxiliary equipment. When truck fuel levels meet preconfigured limits, trucks are automatically assigned for refueling. A snapshot of current fuel levels helps the dispatcher carry out necessary refueling activities while minimizing lost production. The current fuel level of all trucks is derived by applying fuel burn rates. These burn rates vary depending on the truck’s operating state stationary or travelling , payload empty or full , fleet type, and current road grade. Idle Monitor The Idle Monitor module detects when a truck, loader, or auxiliary equipment unit is sitting immobile with its engine running. When the user-defined idle-time threshold is reached, the Idle Monitor module automatically notifies the dispatcher and puts the equipment in Alert status. Through continuous feedback, the Idle Monitor module promotes adherence to operational best practices, resulting in:

DISPATCH Fleet Management System

Dust, Diesel, Decibels and Danger In the mid s a small gravel sifting operation, located a mile north of the village of Cerrillos NM, was partnered by a much larger gravel operator and renamed Cerrillos Gravel Products. A rock crusher was brought in and soon hundreds of 18 wheel trucks were hauling gravel through the narrow roads of the village.

This heavy industrial traffic completely overwhelmed the peace and quiet of village life, changing its character overnight from rural to industrial. Dust, diesel, decibels and danger were the “four D’s” that dominated what was once a rural village that hoped to attract tourists traveling the nearby National Scenic Byway, the Turquoise Trail. The roar, jake brakes, and the overwhelming number of speeding heavy trucks traveling back and forth also negatively impacted the Turquoise Trail and the residents living along it.

One such resident counted trucks passing in one day.

SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, BI and data management software and services, SAS helps turn your data into better decisions.

But one thing I do like is Expensify , and I want everybody to know it. So when my buddy and trusted advisor Travis Kalanick suggested I start tweeting away my Expensiphilia behold the birth of a new Googlenique word! I was initially pretty skeptical: But Travis is not to be underestimated, as he had a brilliant idea: In fact, it works incredibly well. Which makes me wonder: I mean, I know Expensify is awesome. But if this keeps being as effective as it seems to be, this is going to catch on like wildfire — opening a floodgate of spam.

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The Ancient Art of the Numerati Chapters 1: More on classification 6: Clustering A guide to practical data mining, collective intelligence, and building recommendation systems by Ron Zacharski.

MSHA investigates each mining-related fatality to determine root cause(s) and contributing factors. The agency prepares and distributes a variety of documents to alert the mining community and prevent similar occurrences.

Collections of databases that work together are called data warehouses. This makes it possible to integrate data from multiple databases. Data mining is used to help individuals and organizations make better decisions. Data Warehouses A database consists of one or more files that need to be stored on a computer. In large organizations, databases are typically not stored on the individual computers of employees but in a central system.

This central system typically consists of one or more computer servers.

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Digital Fingerprinting Technology enables the content owner to exercise control on their copyrighted content by effectively identifying, tracking, monitoring and monetising it across distribution channels web, broadcast, radio, streaming, etc. In a fingerprinting algorithm, a large data item audio or video or any files maps to a much shorter bit string, i.

Fingerprinting algorithm is based on a variety of content properties frame snippets, motion and music changes, the camera cuts, brightness level, object movements which are used for creating a digital asset reference along with content metadata and storing it in the database repository.

Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You Every detail of your life — what you buy, where you go, whom you love — is being extracted from the Internet, bundled and traded by data-mining .

Though everyone talks about “Big Data” or “Data Mining”, do you really know what it is? Thus, Walmart relocated the beers next to diapers, which had led the sales of beers and diapers increased significantly. For example, if the line is long, then the menu screen will offer more fast food options and when the line is short, the menu screen will offer dishes that are more profitable but may take up more time to prepare.

Eventually this model successfully forecasted the spread of winter flu, even specific to states. Gracenote got the technics that use the built-in microphones on smartphones and tablets to recognize songs played on user’s TV or stereo, detect reactions such as applause or boos, and even detect if the user has turned up the volume. In this way, Gracenote can study the songs that are liked by the users and the specific time and place when this song is played.

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Mine production In the second quarter of , the Marigold mine produced 55, ounces of gold, in line with the previous quarter production. A total of This compares to 5. The strip ratio declined to 1.

Jan 27,  · Data preparation is more than half of every data mining process: Analytics isn’t always pretty. Most of the time and effort goes into the dirty work of cleaning data and getting it in shape for.

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The good news or bad news, depending on your point of view is that this little introduction to regression barely scratches the surface, and that scratch is really even barely noticeable. There are entire college semester courses on regression models, that will teach you more about regression models than you probably even want to know. But this scratch gets you acquainted with the concept and suffice for our WEKA tests in this article. If you have continued interest in regression models and all the statistical details that go into them, research the following terms with your favorite search engine: In the file, you define each column and what each column contains.

Website Data Mining: When launching a new product or services online, the need to conduct a market research usually drives the need for mining websites for relevant data to simplify your research effort.

Contact me Click Here What is data mining? Data mining which is also known as knowledge discovery is the process in which we extract useful information from the large set of the data. What is the need for data mining? If we talk about the big data most of the data generated daily is in the form of unstructured data. We are living in the data age where in every place you can see the data generation, if you are standing in queue for making reservation on the train at this location a significant amount of data is generated continuously.

Business society, medical field, science and engineering and every aspect of life is producing a large amount of data daily. Our telecommunication companies are making tens of petabytes data every day. Medical science and health industry are also generating a significant amount of data daily. Search engines where billions of web searches os done daily is producing tens of petabyte data daily. Our social media become the significant source of data generation. Daily a large number of post, status, videos, pictures are uploaded on social networking sites.


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